About Us

Four Seasons of Fun is the new old player on the block in family recreation business.   The new name started in April 2011 when an family member of FIM bought the business.  Return the company name back to it old roots by relabeling the business back to it original name of 1970’s “Four Seasons”.  The “F” in FIM name was reflecting the old Four Seasons name.  The staff of Four Seasons of Fun has over 200 years of combined experience.   Many of our current employees have worked since their early teen years in the pool and patio business.

The original business started operating a simple fruit stand back in 1959 in Chicago.  The business grew into a Garden Center and then expanded into sales of basic folding furniture in the early 60’s. This evolution ultimately became the basis of the outdoor patio furniture industry.   Also in 1963 the business became a pioneer member of the then upstart above-ground pool business, becoming one of the first retailers of this product in the nation.  

Today the business has evolved providing Four Seasons of Family Fun.   As the new name reflects Four Seasons of Fun includes, patio furniture, Swimming pools, Spas, infra red Sauna, and holiday Tree and trim decorations.

Today there are other larger scale retail chains that provide similar product lines that have elected to spend incredible money mass promoting themselves.

At Four Seasons of Fun our best advertisement will be our happy prior customers.

As any good business does Four Seasons of Fun realizes through good times and bad times that it’s the customer who is your most valued resource.  With that in mind, Four Seasons of Fun will continue to commit itself to providing customers the best assistance, the better service and the diversified product line.  With this as their mission, Four Season of Fun looks forward to warm and sunny future, better economic conditions for all of us, and the next 50 years of business.