Cleansing Sauna - One Person Sauna with Ceramic Heaters

Feel the long day melt away as you relax in the warm heat of the Cleansing Sauna- One Person Sauna. With its space saving build and variety of accessories, you'll find yourself wishing you could spend more time in this comfortable infrared room. Crafted with premium, solid Hemlock wood and featuring easy assembly, this sauna is a low maintenance, high quality investment. 

  • Dimensions: 43-1/2" x 36" x 75"
  • Three ceramic heaters
  • 120V/1050 watt/15 amp electrical requirement plug-in
  • Built with Hemlock wood
  • One person capacity
  • One ergonomic backrests
  • Tempered glass door
  • Radio, CD player and MP3 plug-in
  • Magazine rack
  • Interior lighting