Warming Pool Water

There are three methods of generating warmer water or maintaining the water temperature. Solar Covers, Solar Panels or Gas Heaters, each allow a certain degree of additional comfort. The advantages of each are described below:


Solar Blankets

Since the advent of the Solar Blanket, many pool owners are swimming earlier and later than the typical Midwestern swimming pool owner who doesn’t use one. Solar blankets not only let you use your pool earlier and later, but also let you enjoy the pool even on those days in the summer that are cooler than normal, by keeping the heat in the water. It is an established fact that solar blankets increase the pool usage by 25-35% here in Midwest. Just imagine that! Every 3 seasons you would be getting an additional entire season’s use, out of your investment. A solar blanket makes sense, and saves cents. Actually, a solar blanket saves many dollars over the life of your pool, for a small investment you get a big return.

Using a blanket will allow you to:

1.            Swim earlier (from early May on),

2.            Swim later (past Labor Day),

3.            Get “free heat” every time the sun shines,

4.            Lose less water through evaporation,

5.            Use less chlorine and other chemicals through dissipation,

6.            Vacuum less, skim less (no dirt or debris blowing in the pool)

7.            Enjoy your pool more and be more comfortable.


FOUR SEASONS OF FUN purchases solar blankets direct from the factories--no middlemen or distributors to pay for. There are now two types of solar blankets, the standard style and the Space Age design. The Space Age cover has a sheet of aluminum mixed into the bubble, this aluminize blanket increases the reflection capacity of the cover. As result the new space age cover generates 14.6% more heat than a standard solar cover. Ask a staff member to show you a sample and to explain solar blankets to you.


IMPORTANT: Do not use a floating chlorine applicator or cartridge if a solar blanket is being used. This prevents even distribution of chlorine and will damage the thermal solar blanket. Use H2O Specialties Quick Tabs, liquid chlorine, granular chlorine or an automatic chlorinator. Automatic feeder systems are very popular, effective and inexpensive.


When removing a solar cover from the pool never place the solar blanket in direct sunlight, the cover will continue to heat and will eventually destroy the cover. The first sign of a cover that is overheating, from storing the cover in direct sunlight, is the bubbles begin to collapse. To prevent the damage to your cover, store in a shaded area or under a dark color material.


A convenient way to handle and store a solar cover is a SOLAR REEL. A solar reel mounts onto the pool or deck. The solar reel typical is mounted on above ground pools near the middle of the pool. A center pole is made of aluminum pipe, is connected to end spokes with handle, when the handle is turned the cover is pulled in from both directions around the center pole. Either the center pole can be lifted off the pool or pivots on the bracket away from the pole. An optional mounting pole can be used to hold the cover away from the pool. When the solar blanket is on the solar reel it is covered with a dark material to prevent the cover from reflecting sunlight. Solar reels come in a variety of qualities and prices. See a FOUR SEASONS of FUN representative about the differences and low sale pricing on solar reels.


Solar Panels

Panels are different than a solar blanket, while a solar blanket helps your pool retain heat generated by sunlight during the day, the solar panel adds heat. Unlike a solar blanket, the solar panel does not lie on top of the water, so it does not need to be taken off when you swim or put back on afterwards. Just place the solar collector in an area that gets full sun for most of the day. Your system can be placed on the ground or mounted on your roof or a rack. Special valves are required if mounting the panels on the roof. Sizes of the panels vary by manufacturers. The standard size is 4 feet x 20 feet, smaller units now available require you to purchase more section to accomplish the same task. Most round pools up to 24 ft. and smaller ovals use a single 4’x20’ panel. Larger round pools or ovals typically use 2 sections.

The solar panel generates about 80,000 Btu of FREE heat. This will increase a typical pool about 10 degrees or higher than a pool without the solar collector. There is no gas or electric lines, installation takes about 30 minutes and extends the swimming season. Swim earlier and later!


For best result use with a pool solar cover.

The water is pumped through the solar collector using existing pool pump. The water in the Solar Collectors is heated in the blank mats and returned to the pool. The unit must be shut off at night or it will cool the pool off. Adding additional solar panels will increase the amount of heat generated.


Natural Gas Heater

Graduate to a higher degree of comfort, The Hayward H-series heater incorporates the most advanced heating technology to provide luxuriating comfort, energy-efficient operation and long-lasting dependability. When using a gas heater you can turn up the heat with confidence. Pool heaters feature high-performance flow control system that continually monitors and regulates water flow, maintaining internal temperature at a constant level. Specially designed to deliver maximum efficiency it assures that fuel use is more efficient and comfortable pool temperatures are automatically maintained.

Extend the warmth of your hospitality with the addition of a high performance heater and transform the element of water into an element of pure enjoyment. No other method of heating will generate as much BTU, give a constant temperature or has as quick of a recovery than a gas heater.


Pool heaters are sized to the amount of water that you have in your pool. Heaters are available in sizes of: 100,000 Btu, 150,000 Btu, 200,000 Btu, 250,000 Btu, 300,000 Btu, 350,000 Btu and 400,000 Btu. It is typically recommend that you size up the heater to ensure that you have enough capacity to get the amount of heat you want when you