Cleaning the Pool

The surface skimmer is a device used to collect and automatically remove debris from the water’s surface. Some skimmers are made to hang off the top-rail into the water, while others are made to fit into the pool wall. When purchasing the in-wall skimmer, be sure to get the right “make”, most pool manufacturers have a pre-stamped knock out plate that fits into a specific skimmer bolt pattern.

Be sure to have a FOUR SEASONS OF FUN salesperson assist you in your selection. Remember to periodically empty the strainer basket in the unit, so the efficiency of your skimmer and filter will not be decreased. FOUR SEASONS OF FUN also carries a large selection of hand skimmers, which are for many different uses; pick the right one for your needs. When installing a deck and fenced pool, you may wish to locate the skimmer next to the deck and not under it, this makes servicing you filter much easier because of accessibility.


Vacuuming your Pool

Surface skimmers reduce most of the maintenance, but do not eliminate the need for vacuuming your pool periodically. Some debris and foreign particles settle to the pool floor, which must be vacuumed in order to keep the pool clean. The amount of vacuuming you do depends on the amount of traffic the pool receives, the wind factor, the proximity to trees and high dust areas along with many more factors. Generally, once a week is enough to keep the pool nice and clean.


To manually vacuum the pool you will need a vacuum head, vacuum hose, and a telescopic pole. There is a wide assortment of vacuum equipment from which to choose. A FOUR SEASONS OF FUN representative will be happy to help you in selecting the appropriate equipment.


The steps used in manual vacuuming follow:

1.            Attach the head on to the telescopic pole.

2.            Push the vacuum hose over the vacuum head fitting.

3.            Submerge the vacuum head to the pool floor.

4.            Hold the other end of the vacuum hose up to the return fitting so the vacuum hose can be filled completely with water, this eliminates air and insures that you will pick up a suction.

5.            When the vacuum hose is filled completely, push the hose onto the vacuum fitting in the skimmer. Certain model types have their own special fittings for accepting the vacuum hose, read the instructions that were supplied with the skimmer.

6.            Without taking the vacuum head out of the pool, feel under the head to be sure there is a suction; this will draw the dirt, silt and other debris off the pool floor and deposit it in the filter.

7.            Be sure the filter is running while you are vacuuming, because this is what provides the suction.


Automatic Pool Cleaners

There is now a variety of automatic pool cleaners that vacuum the pool floor while the filter is running. There are two distinct styles of cleaners:

1.            Suction Side Cleaner These cleaners work as if you were vacuuming as an extension of the pool filters suction, this style will pick up smaller debris and particles from the floor of the pool, this style will typically keep you pool cleaner and significantly reduce the need for you to do manual vacuuming.


Following is a list of Suction Side Cleaners available at Four Seasons of Fun Stores to fit all budgets: Hayward Aqua Bug, Kreepy Krauly Vac Man, The Searcher, Barracuda Beta


2.            Return Side Cleaners. This type of cleaner uses the return pressure to control the vacuuming device, the high pressure is forced into the cleaner which result in both movement and limited suction pressure. This type of cleaner is sometimes preferred, if there will be large amounts of bigger size debris (such as leafs) or the filter suction is limited. Smaller particles are agitated off the floor of the pool eventually the pool filter will remove them from suspension.


Four Seasons of Fun carries the Barracuda Zippy, one of the best pressure side cleaners.


There are a variety of manufacturers now making automatic pool cleaners. The prices and quality of units vary greatly. Newer designs and technology eliminated these problems and have few moving parts. Consult with you F.I.M. sales person to best determine which unit would best suit your needs.