Enjoying Years of Backyard FUN with your new Swimming Pool. With Four Seasons of Fun help, and the proper equipment and know-how, your pool can always be sparkling clean and a pleasure to use.  If you have purchased a filter and equipment package you can be assured that it is one that can handle the entire job. What is the entire job? It is:

1.    Chemically treating the pool water to keep it free of bacteria and algae.

2.    Testing the water at least twice weekly with a reliable test kit.

3.    Running your filter 8-12 hours enough time to handle the per gallon capacity of

the pool.

4.    Brush walls weekly with wall brush, if the pool shows signs of wall dirt. 

5.    Bottom vacuuming weekly or more often if needed.


Sounds simple? It is! Four Seasons of Fun will continue to feature the equipment you will need and how to use it.