We’re always happy to answer your questions!


Congratulations on becoming a new pool owner. You will be enjoying years of backyard fun with your new swimming pool; enjoy fantastic experiences with the entire family during those hot summers days. Before you take the plunge please acquaint yourself with some of the facts contained in this booklet. It is especially written for you, the new pool owner. If you have any additional questions not discussed in this booklet, feel free to call or come into the nearest Four Seasons of Fun store. Our professional and knowledgeable staff will gladly assist you. After all, when it comes to pools, we are the experts. We mean it when we say, “We’re always happy to answer your questions.


You will learn, as a pool owner that these procedures become a routine. That over time you will do most of the items mentioned in this booklet without thinking about it. You will find that checking your pool regularly is the best method to prevent complex problems. Small adjustments daily will avoid large corrections that could take days to adjust and result in missing that special event or party that you planned. Remember that you can always bring a sample of pool water to your nearest FIM Store and we’ll be happy to test your water and give assistance. When bringing water in for testing make sure you put the water in a clean container shortly before you bring the water to us. As a Four Seasons of Fun customer, we will not charge you for this service when you purchase your chemicals or supplies.


For Your Protection:

1.       Do not drain pool completely...your liner might shrink to a point where it will no longer fit the pool framework.

2.       Do not drag a pool cover over any rough surfaces or protrusions... the cover might tear.

3.       Do not pull cover tightly over pool, this will cause damage to cover grommets and cover material in the form of stress   tears and could cause pool wall to be pulled inward.

4.       Do not leave any objects or ladder in pool...this may damage cover or pool liner.

5.       Do not over drain pool. The water level should not be lower than 12 ” from top rail of pool.

6.       Do not store cover in excessive heat, sunlight, near sharp objects, or without first cleaning and completely drying... mildew or fusion damage to cover may result.


Handling of Pool Chemicals

7.       Read all labels carefully before using. Handle all chemicals with care. Keep all chemicals out of the reach of children. Don’t mix two or more chemicals together.

8.       Always add the chemicals to the water and never add water to the chemicals.

9.       Store chemicals in a cool dry area. Do not reuse any empty chemical containers. If you are using granular chemicals, use a clean dry scoop and be sure to spread the chemicals over a wide area of the water’s surface so there is a minimum of splashing. Also sprinkle chemicals close to the water surface so the wind doesn’t blow them back on your face. Be sure to always wash your hands with soap and water after handling any chemicals.


10.   Never throw Chlorine tablets directly into the pool, as the liner will be bleached. Large Slow dissolving Tablets, Mini Slow dissolving Tablets, Slow Sticks should be placed in an automatic chlorinator or in a floating feeder for best results. It is not advisable to put stabilized slow dissolving tablets in your skimmer basket. However, you must put Quick Tabs in your skimmer basket. Never put Quick Tabs in a floater.